Bhadravathi is an industrial town having some of the major industries like Paper factory, Iron Ore factory. Bhadravathi was priory called as Benkipura or Benki Pattana which lies at the bank of the river Bhadra. Bhadravathi is one of the smallest taluk in Shimoga district having excess population. Shimoga and Bhadravathi are very well connected by roads and railways and a short distance of 18 km from Shimoga has brought the tag of twin cities. Bhadravathi has radio station which is the only available station in Malnad region of Karnataka.


Bhadravathi is a highway town which connects most of the main cities of central Karnataka. Adequate transportation facility has made means of transport a lot more easier for the people of Bhadravathi.

Bus – Bhadravathi is very well connect with Shimoga which is just 18 km towards North. Bhadravathi is 255 km from Bangalore.

Train – There are two trains from Bangalore to Bhadravathi which further goes up to Shimoga and Talguppa.